The Kitchen, Sacramento


For those who don’t know, Sacramento is the Farm-to-Fork capital of the United States. The city is blossoming with insanely great, fresh food; it’s the beauty of being so close to so much of CA’s agricultural centers. California is, after all,  the largest agricultural producer in the nation.

Diners in the Sacramento region are treated to a wide variety of fresh produce options throughout the year. No major city in America is more centrally located amid such a vast range of high-quality farms, ranches and vineyards. The Sacramento region contains 1.5 million acres of regional farmland and 8,000 acres of boutique farms, and 70 percent of the region’s land is agricultural, forest or other open space. And our Mediterranean climate produces some of the nation’s most diverse and high-quality crops year-round.

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Laurel Hardware


My birthday was last week on the 17th and my dad and I had dinner to celebrate at Laurel Hardware in West Hollywood. It’s two blocks walking distance from his house, which is incredibly perfect when you want something delicious without having to go too far.

I have been to Laurel Hardware once before for a birthday, and only got a cocktail. This was my first time dining at the restaurant. They so small plate style where everything comes out when it is ready, even though some dishes are entree size.


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Feature: The Besty


Look who got featured on TheBesty! It is always great to work with up and coming foodie projects. Check it out:

Things I Make In My Kitchen is the online creation of food lover and U.C.L.A. Basketball enthusiast, Arielle Moyal. The lovely Arielle has been culinary connoisseur ever since she was just a little girl. Having grown up in and around the culinary world, thanks to both of her parents working in the food industry, Arielle quickly became immersed in the world of cooking and eating. Her passion for all things edible are displayed in her multi-faceted blog, where Arielle shares both her delicious recipes as well as an array of various restaurant reviews from around the L.A. area. Aside from cooking and dining out, the young blogger’s undying love for the Lakers is clearly evident throughout the site as well, with an entire section—titled UCLA Basketball—given its own special place on the blog. Not exactly the first thing you’d expect to see when visiting a site called “Things I Make In My Kitchen,” but that’s also what makes this particular food blog a little more unique and exciting as well. Going back to the “kitchen” aspect of Arielle’s online project, you can find throughout the site a selection of different recipes that the blogger has posted, with easy to follow instructions and helpful photos. Alternatively, the site offers a good number of restaurant reviews from top spots to eat at throughout L.A., which can all be found under the self-explanatory tab titled “restaurant reviews.” Be sure to check out Arielle and her blog!

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Dine LA 2014 Restaurant #3- The Wallace

The Wallace was my third stop on the 2014 DineLA tour this year. The Wallace has an underlying philosophy that food should be thoughtfully executed, from start to finish, with a focus on stunning preparations that bring out the essence of the ingredients. The Culver City establishment serves locavore, sustainable fare inspired by the seasons.


Look at that drink. Superb. Like I said when I went to Mistral, I judge the quality of a restaurant is by their list of alcohol and their creativity when it comes to drinks. The drink above was OUTSTANDING and called “morning sex”; it had bourbon, chai fennel syrup, passion fruit, lemon, and peychaud’s bitters. The drink was comp0letely whimsical and went with the eclectic feel of the place.

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Chaya Venice Happy Hour + Tastemade

I met up with Tastemade employee Alyse for some awesome after work Happy Hour. She is this wonderful person who I know from an email exchange about my blog, but we decided to take our relationship to the next level and meet for happy hour.

She works for Tastemade, my newest iPhone app obsession and company I want to know. Let me tell you a little bit about it:

Tastemade was created with one goal in mind: to connect the world through food. *I am SO about that.* A generation ago the cable industry launched category defining brands in food and lifestyle and they believe the same opportunity exists for today’s global, social and mobile digital platforms. Tastemade was founded by Steven Kydd, Larry Fitzgibbon, and Joe Perez and is funded by Redpoint Ventures and Raine Ventures. They are empowering a new creative class to create amazing video programming for the modern media age, one that is instantly global, social and available anytime, anywhere. With over 100 food channels in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, their diverse programming reflects their commitment to build a scalable network of culinary tastemakers who share a passion for creating amazing programming for a global community of food lovers.

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