Blueberry Breakfast Donuts


There’s a blog called Chocolate Covered Katie I have to give mad props to. She is insane inventive when it comes to food, as her recipes are variations on favorites that are damn healthy without being boring.

I am allergic to egg-whites (which sucks!) but I manage. Either I vary recipes or the egg content is so low not to bother me. This recipe for her Blueberry Donut Muffins contains no eggs. You know I had to try it.

In true form, I tweaked the recipe a little bit. You can go to her post above for her recipe. The other thing I LOVED about her post was how no refined sugar was used. I upped the ante by also using coconut oil instead of standard oil.

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Salmon Burger on Potato Cake, with Cauliflower Puree, Mango Salsa, and Charred Asparagus


Cooking for myself on the weeknights is how I relieve stress. It’s a way to get back to home-base. I am sure many of you feel that way too.

This dinner has a few components, but the post is meant to show you how you can throw together a few dishes, to create one beautiful grand dinner dish.

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Cauliflower Puree

It’s summer. Time to eat a little cleaner, am I right? Summer means the sun beckons me outside, therefore, my body needs less heavy foods and better choices to feel bright and ready to take on the day.

Dinner the other night was going to be a fish dish. You can find that recipe here. I knew I was charring some asparagus, but wasn’t sure what else to do. I thought mashed potatoes, but they felt too heavy. So I do what I always do. Explore my fridge. And there it was… cauliflower. Cauliflower puree.

Also, thanks for bearing through my clunky mashup up above. Look, it took me awhile to get decent at photos. Video is going to also be a process…

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10 Minute Mango Salsa


Salsa is one of my favorite condiments. You can make a salsa out of anything. They can be savory. Sweet. Spicy. You name it.

I love this mango salsa. The sweet, spicy, citrusy combo speaks to me. And it is so easy to make. I had everything in my fridge for this dish other than mangos, which my boyfriend graciously brought over. If you know how to dice, you can make this.

1 jalapeno
1/2 ripe mango
2 medium tomatoes
1 quarter red onion
1/4 cup fine chopped cilantro
4 cloves minced garlic
1/2 lime
salt to taste

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Cinco de Mayo: A List


It’s Cinco de Mayo. Here’s a list of my favorite Mexican-inspired dishes from the years:

Chorizo and Sweet Potato Stuffed Jalapenos: A little spicy, a little sweet, a lot of yummy.
Roasted Green Chile and Apple Appetizer: Tangy, easy to put together. What more do you want?
Chicken and Poblano Lasagna: Ohhhh yes. It’s like an enchilada merged with the bones of a good lasagna. Do it.
Spicy Black Bean Tex Mex Pizza: Pizza, with Mexican styling. Pizza addicts rejoice!
Green Chili and Chicken Enchiladas: Who doesn’t love a spin on a classic?
Margarita Cupcakes: This one doesn’t really need an explanation… *drools*
Candied Limes: They go great on those cupcakes I just mentioned.

No matter what you eat, what you do, be safe tonight and celebrate responsibly!

3 Cheese Zoodle and Asparagus Bake


This post is WAY late. I wanted to get it out when I was doing the vegetarian thing in March. You can read about my turmoil here.

None the less, this dish was goooood. I love Zoodles and this was really tasty. It can definitely stand alone as a main dish, but you can also have it as a side dish.

2 large squash (3 medium squash
1 1/2 cups diced cheese (use a variety)
1 cup milk
1 tbs flour
1 tbs butter
4 cloves minced garlic
1/2 bunch asparagus, chopped into thirds
2 cups spinach
salt and pepper to taste
basil (optional)

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Spiced Apple Cinnamon Bread Pudding


My love affair with bread pudding is never ending. If you’ve been on this blog for a while, you’ve seen these before:

Doughnut Bread Pudding
Strawberry Jam Croissant Bread Pudding
Fig Bread Pudding with Balsamic Drizzle

I made another one this weekend. With the Spiced Apple Compote from a few weeks ago. And I called a local bakery and got a day old French Batard to use.

Tangent here. The bread was $1 and the easiest thing to pick up. I called them the day before and asked them to give me a ring that night if there was going to be any old bread. They rang, I picked it up, and done. Like I have stressed before, using local food, small stores, and taking a little extra time really makes for such a drastic difference in the food you cook with and eat. Give me a day old true bread for $1 than a bread shoved in plastic with preservatives for $4 from a supermarket any day. Rant over…

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