The Kitchen, Sacramento


For those who don’t know, Sacramento is the Farm-to-Fork capital of the United States. The city is blossoming with insanely great, fresh food; it’s the beauty of being so close to so much of CA’s agricultural centers. California is, after all,  the largest agricultural producer in the nation.

Diners in the Sacramento region are treated to a wide variety of fresh produce options throughout the year. No major city in America is more centrally located amid such a vast range of high-quality farms, ranches and vineyards. The Sacramento region contains 1.5 million acres of regional farmland and 8,000 acres of boutique farms, and 70 percent of the region’s land is agricultural, forest or other open space. And our Mediterranean climate produces some of the nation’s most diverse and high-quality crops year-round.

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Cinco de Mayo: A List


It’s Cinco de Mayo. Here’s a list of my favorite Mexican-inspired dishes from the years:

Chorizo and Sweet Potato Stuffed Jalapenos: A little spicy, a little sweet, a lot of yummy.
Roasted Green Chile and Apple Appetizer: Tangy, easy to put together. What more do you want?
Chicken and Poblano Lasagna: Ohhhh yes. It’s like an enchilada merged with the bones of a good lasagna. Do it.
Spicy Black Bean Tex Mex Pizza: Pizza, with Mexican styling. Pizza addicts rejoice!
Green Chili and Chicken Enchiladas: Who doesn’t love a spin on a classic?
Margarita Cupcakes: This one doesn’t really need an explanation… *drools*
Candied Limes: They go great on those cupcakes I just mentioned.

No matter what you eat, what you do, be safe tonight and celebrate responsibly!

DIY: Mini Clothespin Magnets


I won’t say I am the craftiest person, but from time to time I can get pretty creative. Like last night’s project. With just three simple pieces, you can give you kitchen a personalized makeover. And it’s pretty cheap. The whole thing cost me less than $10 dollars (not including photo prints).

Mini Clothespins (Found at Target, $1 bin, 12 count)
Tiny Magnets (3×1 mm, found on Ever Buying)

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My Short Homage to Prince


I know this blog is about food. And how much I love it. And how much you love it. But everything we have encountered up until this point has influenced our lives along the way. In small, medium, and big ways.

The news about Prince today hurts. He was one of the people I noticed to be “different” when I was a kid. He made me feel oh k to be “different”. His celebrated funkiness was something I took to heart.

My first experience with his music was when I was really young, maybe 8 or 9. I heard “Raspberry Beret” on a trip to London, where my flight played the song over and over again on their airline rock station. I was obsessed and danced around my room when I came home with his jams playing on my portable CD player.

It’s hard to see such a legend go. But the beauty with being legendary is that you never die. Because you live in everyone that remembers you. In your music. In your cuisine. In your “insert skill here”.

I’ll end this with a little quote from my mom this morning; “He was only 57… that’s why you have to live for every day.”

Live for today, people.

UPDATE: My mom shared this great link with me. It’s Chris Martin doing a rendition of “Raspberry Beret”… enjoy!

How It Was To Be Vegetarian


If you forgot, I gave up meat in March.

It sucked. It was harder than giving up alcohol for a month. And I quit. I quit after 20 days. I had a doctor’s appointment where I was weighed and 20 days of being vegetarian made me GAIN 4lbs. Despite eating a ton of vegetables. A bunch of fruit. Not overdoing it on shallow carbs.

I can hypothesize on why I think this happened. There was a number of factors. One, I can’t eat eggs. So my protein sources were limited. Meat substitutes, like faux sausage for example, have a lot of carbs. Way more than if I were to eat a regular chicken sausage. Even things like beans are loaded with carbs. So without binging on simple carbohydrates like bread, I was still eating way more carbohydrate products than my body was used to. Two, when I ate out, the options were so limited I was forced almost always to get a pasta dish or the one fish dish. Vegetarian options are not ample on food menus. I have a new appreciation for the struggle. Three, I didn’t give the challenge enough time. Maybe the benefits come when you’ve done this for a while, and not just a few weeks.

Regardless, for the sake of fitting into my clothes and keeping healthy, I stopped.

Mom… how do you do it?!

If you live in Sacramento, you’ve heard. The Sacramento Kings are building a brand new, state of the art arena open October 2016. When I say state of the art, I mean state of the art.

You can check out the Golden 1 Center web page to see a full list of what is to come, but recently, our team announced a sensational measure in the way arenas do food.

I had to share it with you. Check it out:

G1C food