Salmon Burger on Potato Cake, with Cauliflower Puree, Mango Salsa, and Charred Asparagus


Cooking for myself on the weeknights is how I relieve stress. It’s a way to get back to home-base. I am sure many of you feel that way too.

This dinner has a few components, but the post is meant to show you how you can throw together a few dishes, to create one beautiful grand dinner dish.


For this dish, I had salmon burgers leftover in the freezer when I tried to go vegetarian for a month. We know that didn’t go so well… Regardless, these patties came from Trader Joe’s and were easy to make. You just season, plop on a grill, and done!

When creating this dish, I wanted a substantial base without it being carbohydrate loaded. I thought potatoes; mashed potatoes? No… too heavy for a hot summer night meal. But I liked the color contrast of the white to pink salmon. Cauliflower puree was my answer.


I also love fruit with fish. Mahi Mahi and pineapple are a recognized combo, but salmon is fatty and works well with fruit dishes. Feeling the needs for some color and heat, I went with Mango Salsa. Easiest prep of the night. The dish took 10 minutes.

Last, I needed a base and a veggie. Potatoes were still on the brain. I forgo the original burger bun idea and instead lay the salmon burger on a potato pancake. The starchy pancake was a great base for the dish, and gave me a little texture contrast, without making my dinner too heavy.

As for the veggie, I was using a cast iron grill pan and threw on some asparagus. Charred asparagus is excellent. The veggie can handle the heat well, and it gives the green a great barbecue flavor.

Next up, putting everything together. The puree went down on the plate, covering the bottom of the dish. Potato cake in the middle. Salmon burger. Salsa on top. Charred asparagus on the side. Voila. Dinner is served.



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