DIY: Mini Clothespin Magnets


I won’t say I am the craftiest person, but from time to time I can get pretty creative. Like last night’s project. With just three simple pieces, you can give you kitchen a personalized makeover. And it’s pretty cheap. The whole thing cost me less than $10 dollars (not including photo prints).

Mini Clothespins (Found at Target, $1 bin, 12 count)
Tiny Magnets (3×1 mm, found on Ever Buying)

Lay out some paper and set up your magnets, one at a time. Next, grab the clothespins and set them to the side. Then start your assembly line.


You are going to want to place one magnet on the table, do a small dot of glue, and quickly place the clothespin above the gears onto the magnet. Be careful to go above the gears, so whatever you clip lays flat against your magnetic surface. Also, come down right on top of the magnet. I noticed a few magnets attracting to the gears and getting magnetically stuck on the side.

Lay out your clips. Let dry overnight.

These make adorable magnets for your fridge, or whatever surface you may have that is magnetic.


I chose to print out 4×4 photos, and use the clips to collage some of my favorite pictures of family and friends on my fridge. Simply pick a matching color, and clip on top!


Assemble the magnets on your fridge in a grid. Voila! Simple kitchen spruce up.

I was thinking these little guys would also make adorable place settings for a party. You can print pictures of you and your friends, place on the bottom, and stand the photo up on a table. Then, your friends can take home the place setting and use as a fridge magnet. Really, anything you can clip to it works. They are so fun and cute!

UPDATE: There was problems with the original post. Hence, it is provided here for you.


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