My Short Homage to Prince


I know this blog is about food. And how much I love it. And how much you love it. But everything we have encountered up until this point has influenced our lives along the way. In small, medium, and big ways.

The news about Prince today hurts. He was one of the people I noticed to be “different” when I was a kid. He made me feel oh k to be “different”. His celebrated funkiness was something I took to heart.

My first experience with his music was when I was really young, maybe 8 or 9. I heard “Raspberry Beret” on a trip to London, where my flight played the song over and over again on their airline rock station. I was obsessed and danced around my room when I came home with his jams playing on my portable CD player.

It’s hard to see such a legend go. But the beauty with being legendary is that you never die. Because you live in everyone that remembers you. In your music. In your cuisine. In your “insert skill here”.

I’ll end this with a little quote from my mom this morning; “He was only 57… that’s why you have to live for every day.”

Live for today, people.

UPDATE: My mom shared this great link with me. It’s Chris Martin doing a rendition of “Raspberry Beret”… enjoy!


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