Mom’s Franco-American Potato Salad


I had to work on Easter. Bummer. So did a lot of my friends. All of us decided to have Easter brunch, with an Easter egg hunt and everything, a week later to celebrate amongst ourselves. It was a delicious day.

This post is less glamorous as usual. Mainly because I had to meal prep so many brunch items, which leads to less picturesque photos. But don’t be fooled; my mom’s potato salad is killer.

One great thing about this dish, you have to cool the potatoes all the way through before throwing everything together. Which makes this perfect to prep the night before a party, saving you time, stress, and all that jazz.

1 bag (or 2 lbs) Potatoes (Yukon gold or red are the best)
2 chopped hard boiled eggs (optional)
1 cup diced celery
1 cup diced red onion
2 tsp of minced dill
2 tsp dark mustard
2 tsp sweet relish (optional)
1 cup mayo
1 pinch ground pepper

Potato salad is an outdoor event staple. Everyone loves a good potato salad. My mom’s is this delicate mix between an American potato salad, and a French potato salad. Hence the name. Also, please eyeball this recipe. When I asked my mom for it she said “as you know, I don’t measure, but just taste, taste, taste”. What a woman. I advise you do the same, as I did, adding my estimated measurements up top.


Start by chopping your potatoes into 4ths. If the potato is really big, do 6ths. Boil until tender; you can poke a fork through without hesitation. Drain and let cool.


Dice your red onions. Dice your celery. Chop your dill. Put to the side. If you are adding egg, which is my mom’s favorite part about this dish, chop it up now and also place to the side. I unfortunately had to do without it, because of my egg white allergy. If you have the choice, add it!


Once everything is prepped and the potatoes have cooled, this recipe is a matter of throwing everything together. Toss in the veggies with the eggs. Add the herbs. Add the wet ingredients. Add the egg. And mix. What I like to do is mash the potato a little bit so they get broken down even more, but remain chunky. You want to see the potato.


Voila. Simple recipe, delicious result. Of course in a hurry I forgot to take an individual finished photo, but check out the bowl hanging out at the end of the table. Enjoy!


One thought on “Mom’s Franco-American Potato Salad

  1. mamma bear says:

    Thanks for the shout out! Proud to say my Miss A has turned into a fabulous cook! Everyone keep checking out her great recipes and great food ideas on this blog. She knows her way around the kitchen and has got you covered for any meal and any event!

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