How It Was To Be Vegetarian


If you forgot, I gave up meat in March.

It sucked. It was harder than giving up alcohol for a month. And I quit. I quit after 20 days. I had a doctor’s appointment where I was weighed and 20 days of being vegetarian made me GAIN 4lbs. Despite eating a ton of vegetables. A bunch of fruit. Not overdoing it on shallow carbs.

I can hypothesize on why I think this happened. There was a number of factors. One, I can’t eat eggs. So my protein sources were limited. Meat substitutes, like faux sausage for example, have a lot of carbs. Way more than if I were to eat a regular chicken sausage. Even things like beans are loaded with carbs. So without binging on simple carbohydrates like bread, I was still eating way more carbohydrate products than my body was used to. Two, when I ate out, the options were so limited I was forced almost always to get a pasta dish or the one fish dish. Vegetarian options are not ample on food menus. I have a new appreciation for the struggle. Three, I didn’t give the challenge enough time. Maybe the benefits come when you’ve done this for a while, and not just a few weeks.

Regardless, for the sake of fitting into my clothes and keeping healthy, I stopped.

Mom… how do you do it?!


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