Pitch For Change


Can I brag? Oh k. Well, I moved to this awesome place called Sacramento about  a year and a half ago. And I have really gotten engaged. One of the groups I am involved in is called Metro Edge. Launched in 2009 as the young professional program of the Sacramento Metro Chamber, Metro EDGE represents more than 500 of the best and brightest of the Capital Region’s young leaders. Metro EDGE members (better known as “EDGErs”) come from a myriad of business, public and nonprofit sectors with diverse backgrounds and education levels. It’s the largest Young Professional group in Sacramento.

Every year, they host a big event called the Emerge Summit. The Emerge Summit is a collaborative effort of the organizing leadership of 10 regional young professional programs, where guests listen to speakers, go to breakout sessions, and vote for the winner of the region’s Pitch For Change competition.


The Pitch For Change is the chance to tell SacTown folks all about an idea to change the city (and maybe even the world). Metro EDGE provides the platform; all participants have to do is pitch the hell out of their idea. If you do, you are given the tools and the resources to make your idea into a reality. Well…

I pitched the hell out of my idea. And I am a finalist. There are ONLY three of us, and I am one of them.


Here’s the concept. It’s something I dub Cause Concerts. It’s about turning Sacramento’s growing music scene into a philanthropic tool. The effort would partner with music venues and event groups to add a $1 increase to ticket prices. Donations are collected and given to local nonprofits and scholarships that focus on our arts and music development. Cause Concerts is a collaborative effort of those that celebrate the funky individuality of this city’s music scene, to take their passion and do something good with it.

Sounds cool right?

The project is dear to me. Most of you know, I was born and raised in Los Angeles. That city is big; it boasts 18 and a half million people. It can be very easy to feel like you can’t have a lot of influence. When I moved to Sacramento a year and a half ago, I was blown away with how connected this place is. How so many people are engaged. That engagement inspires and draws me in every day. I already volunteer for Women’s Empowerment as a career mentor. I speak in front of college and masters education classes. In fact, I am talking to undergrads at Sacramento State next Monday. And I volunteer on the committee of Metro Edge to captivate and engage people like me. I would have been stupid not to take a chance on this.

Even if I don’t win, this experience was very cool. I shot a video with KJ2 Productions yesterday, that will be shown at the Summit on the 18th. I get to keep that video, even if I don’t win, to use however I like. I met great consultants to help me get the wheels turning on my project, and got in touch with fabulous advisors on how to make my dream come true. Frankly, if I don’t win-win this thing, I already did win. It’s awesome to feel acknowledged for taking a chance.

I will update you all on how this journey turns out. If you are in the Sacramento area, click those Emerge links above and come to the event. It will be sooooo worth it. For all of you that read this, you are supporting me. I’m really just a lady who likes to talk a lot, but it’s worthless with no one to read it. Thank you.


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