March Resolution Challenge


I did it. Two months of challenges, very little slipping up. Giving myself the old pat on the back. For a recap, January was about giving up alcohol for a month, and February was about challenging myself to work our four times a week, with two workouts being different.

March was going to be… going vegetarian. *cue gasps*

I have never gone veg. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE vegetables but I have never gone strict vegetarian for a duration of time. My mother is a vegetarian, but she is also an amazing chef so I can imagine the dishes she makes for herself are exquisite. In fact, I have gone  to visit her and eaten very vegetable-centric for a few days without missing meat. But an entire month is going to be tough.

By the way, I asked my boyfriend to join me. He said no without hesitation. Thanks babe…

I am giving myself one exception; I can eat fish from time to time. Many of you probably do not know that I have an egg-white allergy. It isn’t severe enough to incapacitate me if, say, there’s a single egg in a batch of cookies I am making. But I can’t eat the damn things which really limits my options on this vegetarian quest. So, fish it is. The fish intake will still be limited, but I have to throw myself a bone.

I’ll check back in to talk about how the challenge is going. And if you are wondering what that dish is up above, I made zoodles (zucchini noodles using a spiralizer) with kale, bell pepper, tossed in pesto, and topped with French feta cheese. It was a tester to get inspired for the month, and it was damn good.

Now if I can keep cooking like that for 31 days, I will be good…


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