February Challenge Update

yoag 3

That’s me. Doing Yoga. On the Sacramento Kings basketball court. Yaaaaaaaaa

ypga 5

This whole fabulous fitness mantra has been awesome. I grew up an athletes, playing soccer most of my life. My body, my soul, needs movement. When I sit around sedentary, I can feel the affect. I’ve loved my February challenge.

yoga 2

Part of this goal was selfish. I’ve been lazy, basketball season has been long, and I hadn’t lost my “holiday” weight. This challenge was as much getting mental clarity as it was shedding a few pounds. After all, I have a lot of buttercream to eat so I have to balance it out somehow.

Yoga with the Kings was awesome. I also registered for a softball league with friends, and it’s been so awesome to get out and play sports again. Unfortunately, the older I get, I begin to admit to myself I may not be able to play soccer again. My ankles just can’t take it.

If I haven’t already said it in my previous blog post, Class Pass is the shit. I have taken seven classes* so far this month, have two coming up, and have really gotten excited about working out again.The app is incredibly easy. For example, one morning, a separate yoga studio I was going to messed up class times, and having arrived to an empty building, I thought “great… morning workout wasted”. I jumped on my Class Pass app, and booked a barre workout that was starting in 20 minutes. Easy peasy. I’ll stop trying to sell you, but if you do want $20 off your first month, click this link: http://class.ps/duK9x  You can cancel it the next month if it isn’t your thing.

*I rolled my ankle on a trip to Seattle, and it curbed my ability to do any working out, hence one week not hitting my goal of 4 different exercises a week. BUT, I was able to do an ab focused TRX class thanks to the app. No excuses!

yoga (1)

And, speaking of yoga, some of you saw a post I made on my blog Facebook. My friend Allison turned me onto this new Yoga company that is launching a line of gear. To celebrate, they are giving away free yoga clothes. FREE. YOGA. CLOTHES. Have a look at http://launch.yesiyoga.com/ref/P1501787 and get fitness fashionable.


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