New Years Resolution: February

Remember that New Years x 12 deal? January was tough. I slipped up once after a difficult day with a glass of wine, and the first week was way tougher than I imagined. I wanted a beer or a glass of wine when I was having dinner or cleaning the house. And the other interesting thing was how cutting out alcohol affected my social life. It was harder to go out with friends and I think people were less inclined to take me into consideration for activities. Alcohol really does fuel so much we do socially…

On to the next month! February is dedicated to working out at least 4 times a week. Rain or shine. 12 hour work day or not. No excuses.

To execute this goal, I signed up for ClassPass. Which has been exploding around Los Angeles, and only recently came to Sacramento.
Never heard of it? With ClassPass you get unlimited group fitness classes at a very low price ($79). The price point is cheaper than 4 classes from any of the locations listed on the website, and you can go to an unlimited number of them. From yoga and barre to cycling and Pilates, ClassPass lets you try studios in your area all under one umbrella. One monthly membership, endless options, all up to you!
Pssst: If you use the link above, you get $20 off your first month of unlimited classes. Oh ya!
UPDATE: I did the Daily Method in downtown Sacramento for a little Barre, and really enjoyed myself. You have to get used to the “tipping” technique, which is something from ballet, but you get used to it over time. My whole body is sore… A+. Tomorrow off to yoga!

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