New Years Resolution x 12

I am about to be very vulnerable.


That was me. On New Years Eve. At 28. If you are asking yourself “how bad was that hangover?” the answer is very bad. My body can’t accomplish what it used to anymore, a sad fact I slowly accept as every year goes by.

That shot was THE shot that did me in. When your body kind of tells you “no…. nope… NOPE… nilch… nada… nooooooooo”. But that shot also got me thinking of a brilliant idea. Well, in 12 months we will find out if it was brilliant, but for now, the 3rd day into the year, I think it’s still brilliant.

Everyone always asks “what’s your new year resolution” and I never have a good one. Lose Weight! Climb a Mountain! Learn Russian! Volunteer! Fast forward a few months and I feel guilty, as I have failed at the one thing I commanded I do that year. But what if we broke it up each month… that would be easier, presumably. Which brings me back to that shot. While gnawing on Chinese food in bed on Jan 1 with the better half, I decided this year to challenge myself, by giving up one thing I love for a month. 30 days. 4 weeks. 1/12 of a year. Each month choosing something different, because surely I can go 30 days since 365 hasn’t been so successful.

This month, I gave up alcohol. Not hard alcohol… all alcohol. Including wine and beer. All because of that shot.

It’s day three and sadly I have already been tempted twice today, reluctantly resisting, telling my friends what I was doing, getting a barrage of questions, comments, sounds… but I did it. Football playoff brunch without a beer .

28 more days to think about what I am giving up next month. Too bad I can’t ponder over a glass of wine.


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