My First Fort Bragg Experience


You know… for being a So Cal girl, I have really enjoyed parts of Northern California. But the one thing missing has been the incredible beach experience and accessibility you get in Los Angeles.


This past weekend, I finally got to the Nor Cal Coast with a trip to Fort Bragg for Mendocino’s annual wine tasting weekend. Staying in the stunning home of my friend Kristin, I experienced a whole other side of the Pacific Ocean, one I hadn’t done since I was a kid. It blew me away.

20150307_085759 20150306_170421

The rocky mountains created coves down on the beach that nestled you into the experience when the sun began to set. Creeks and streams were everywhere. The nights were calm, mornings filled with the clucking of seagulls. The air was cold, but salty. The coastline was expansive… miles of open land dipping down into tide pools, with trees swirling from the edges. It is much different than the hot, long sandy beaches in Southern California. A totally different kind of beautiful. Not to mention the drive in, where I winded through CA Redwoods in protected state forest. The forest floor was so dark and cold from the density of the trees.

20150306_145728 20150307_203047

The house was packed with Kristin’s family, girl friends, and five dogs. Every night her parents made a Persian feast; crispy rice, whole chickens, Khoresht Ghaimeh poured on top of fries, Salad Olivieh, homemade bread, rose water ice cream… I could go on. I had the town’s local pizza (which was incredible) and one night, Kristin’s neighbors brought crabs over caught from their boat that morning for everyone to eat.

FB_IMG_1425710556694 20150306_162831

It was the kind of weekend people were meant to spend, getting inmate, eating a lot, talking and just taking a break from all of life’s craziness.

FB_IMG_1425710589902 20150307_132258 20150307_132246

I loved the wine tasting. But the best part of that weekend for me was the morning before, going to the tide pools a mile away from Kristin’s house.




High tide was coming up and I stood on the edge of the rocks looking out into the vast ocean. You look around and there isn’t much human influence there. It is such a recharge, a way to re-calibrate yourself. Looking down I could see the massive waves crashing against the rocks I stood on, mere feet in front of me. How easily you could be swept up.


I am so thankful for Kristin and her family for having me come along, and for the wonderful women that were there with me on the trip. The memory of this place will go down in the books.


Below is a collection of photographs from the weekend. None have been altered and all were taken with my camera phone. Really says something about the immense natural beauty.

20150307_091607 20150307_085733 20150306_215652 20150306_181542 20150306_181028 20150306_180812

20150306_170713 20150306_175609 20150306_173243 20150306_171412 20150306_171409


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