Dine LA 2014 Restaurant #2- River Rock


It was Ladies Night last week and who DOESN’T pick DineLA for Ladies Night. My friends do. Us gaggle of girls went to River Rock in Studio City and had an oh so delicious meal. I love my foodie friends.

rr dinela

Here was the DineLA menu.


We started off with some cocktails and each got something fruity off the menu. My drink was the Hot Tin Roof (fighting cock whisky | carpano antica vermouth | lemon juice | simple syrup | blackberries).  It was alright, but that was probably my fault seeing as I am not a sweet drink person. I assumed with the whiskey the drink wouldn’t have been as fruity but I should have asked. Although I did try Shira’s less fruity cocktail and it was delicious. I recommend trying a specialty cocktail if you do get a chance to go there, as everyone seemed to enjoy theirs.


Along with our beverages, the table was supplied with this brioche type small rolls in a fluffed blue cheese cream…. I don’t even know what it was but it was AMAZING. It wasn’t blue cheese butter, but it was the consistency of whipped butter. Just amazing in general. I scarffed down two rolls as I was starving. The poor waiter kept coming back to take our order but how do you tell a table full of chatty women to hush.


My friend Carly and I decided to split our plates so we could try more then three things. We started off with the salad, which was simple and delicious. A great way to start off the meal on a light note.


Next were the Duck Dumplings which came highly recommended…. and they were insane! Crisp outside. Juicy pulled duck inside. Great slaw compliment. Oh my I could have eaten a whole plate of them. The little bit of mustard too was a great way to break up the sweeter glaze on surrounding the dumplings. Just absolutely great.


Short. Ribs. On puff pastry. The meat was fall apart tender. The jus was salty and rich. and who doesn’t love puff pastry. The whole thing was just delicious. Well done.


Shira was the only one who got the salmon, and it was simple and delicious. But I’ve had this dish before. Not to say it was bad; the fish was moist and fresh, and the crisp vegetables were the perfect light compliment. I could just get this plate other places.


River Rock’s mushroom ravioli on the other hand…. BEST thing of my meal. The raviolis were filled with mushroom and bursting with flavor. The truffle sauce was rich and just enough to be what I needed for each bite. I appreciated that the pasta wasn’t swimming in sauce. And the arugula salad with the salty cheese gratings was absolutely perfect in helping balance out all the richness of the meal. This dish is something I will 100% come back for. Perfect perfect.


The desserts only came with two options, and we all know how much of a sucker for a creme brulee I am. I couldn’t help myself and got my go to dessert again. But Carly got the apple tart tatin which was really cool. It was very much not your traditional tart; flat, thinly sliced apple, a little cinnamon dusting. Instead, a whole cooked apple rested in pastry with some ice cream. I thought it was more a deconstructed apple pie than anything. The dish was delicious, the apple soft, the pastry crunchy on the edges and soft in the middle. A very good take on a classic.


Ahhh the brulee…. where do I start? I asked for a thick sugar crust and boy did I get one. The dessert was simple the way it should be. There were a few berries to compliment it but that was all it needed. I hate when people mess with creme brulee. Just enjoy it for what it is; custard and burnt sugar crust. The portion was pretty big as well; I could have been content with half after such a large meal. Great dish to end with.

20140128_213912 IMG_2727

All in all, Dine LA night two was a success. Girl’s night turned out great and the tradition is already booked to continue in October.

A friend of mine saw I was at River Rock that night and called me to tell me they had great Brunch. I have yet to go, but after my dinner experience and the recommendation, I will totally come back. If any of you have tried their brunch, let me know how it was!


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