A Bird Sings Because It Has A Song

This coming weekend is the wedding of my friend Victoria I have been spewing about for weeks, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. The love she and Adam have is the kind of love you want. Celebrating the beginning of the rest of their lives is something I am honored to be a part of.


As this is the first wedding of a close friend I am attending, I couldn’t help but have a deep self reflection this week. How lucky am I to have such relationships with incredible women? I mean really; think about your friends. If you can’t be unbelievably proud to call them an exceptional part of your life, maybe you should shed that skin. Because…as my mother told me long ago… you are who you hang around.

I have cried over friends who have left me. I have been so wrought over the people who have hurt me. I have been devastated by the backstabbers. I have been been confused by the “I love yous” that stop coming. And all of that is fine.



I have cried tears of laughter over the inside jokes that left my best friends’ lips. I have been wrought over what fancy dress to wear to the dinner parties we have all had. I have been devastated over our favorite HBO shows coming to an end. And I have been confused by the new bands we have gone to explore who’s music we didn’t quite understand.

This is life. It’s about that learning and exploration and my twenties so far have been the biggest growing I have ever done. High school was more about fitting in. College was trying to find myself, making bad decisions, and reveling in scandal. Being twenty… well my twenties has been about being oh k with admitting everything you thought was going to happen didn’t.

I remember college, and when it ended, how weird it was to not have the people I saw around me all the time, around me at all. It provoked this odd sense of loneliness I didn’t think I had. And I did what a lot of women do, I filled that with a relationship. Luckily, I am my mother’s child, and nearly two years later, was smart enough to walk away from it and take care of me.

mom bike

This post isn’t about talking about myself and my struggles, but hopefully a reminder to all of you that in the thick of it all, there are some damn good INCREDIBLE things about you that make someone else love you. And that should humble you and make you grateful. If it were not for my friends, I would never have gotten as far along as I had. That goes with saying that I got a lot of tough love, and at the time, hated people for it… but I honestly thank them now.

So think about that list of BFFs. I luckily get to celebrate the lives of one of my favorite people tomorrow and I am sure she will celebrate with me when I get married. Do these women/men make you proud? Can you say with certainty they have value? Do they look out for you and think about what is best for you even when you don’t know what’s best for you? And can they tell you the hard truth?

I hope you said yes to all of those. If you take anything away from this…. remember….the good ones stick around. The good ones give you chances. The good ones take you for better or for worse.


Time to celebrate a weekend of unbelievable happiness. Thank you for letting me be a part of it. I love you Adam and Victoria.


I thought it would be fun to include some photos from the wedding. It was such a BLAST! And Victoria looked unbelievably stunning.

1382435_10102709737076996_723020404_n 1229806_10102709740689756_1328439150_n 1374164_10102706593376996_1645590158_n  1375875_10102706279401206_2006528816_n 1377219_10200608331919828_1510399917_n 1380590_10102706579335136_48391424_n 1380810_10102705905026456_1511098675_n 1382280_10102706666211036_444000867_n


2 thoughts on “A Bird Sings Because It Has A Song

  1. laurie anne marie says:

    Love the beautiful thoughts about life and relationships. All so true. And the great beach/ bike photo with the little cupcake face version of you!

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