Chaya Venice Happy Hour + Tastemade

I met up with Tastemade employee Alyse for some awesome after work Happy Hour. She is this wonderful person who I know from an email exchange about my blog, but we decided to take our relationship to the next level and meet for happy hour.

She works for Tastemade, my newest iPhone app obsession and company I want to know. Let me tell you a little bit about it:

Tastemade was created with one goal in mind: to connect the world through food. *I am SO about that.* A generation ago the cable industry launched category defining brands in food and lifestyle and they believe the same opportunity exists for today’s global, social and mobile digital platforms. Tastemade was founded by Steven Kydd, Larry Fitzgibbon, and Joe Perez and is funded by Redpoint Ventures and Raine Ventures. They are empowering a new creative class to create amazing video programming for the modern media age, one that is instantly global, social and available anytime, anywhere. With over 100 food channels in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, their diverse programming reflects their commitment to build a scalable network of culinary tastemakers who share a passion for creating amazing programming for a global community of food lovers.

If you love food. If you cook. And if you are a blogger, you HAVE to know Tastemade. It just simplified my life.


The atmosphere at Chaya is great. The bar was packed with all types of people. The best part about everything… happy hour is actually happy night. Yep. It is Mom-Sun from 5pm till CLOSE! Yes I said till close. They have a great food selection available, with wine/beer/specialty cocktails. I decided to try the Lychee martini and it was delicious.


In the spirit of National Cheeseburger Day, Alyse and I ordered the sliders. We also got the Fish and Chips and the Tuna Tartare. All three were great, but the fish and chips were my favorite. They were tempura fried which made them completely light and airy. The sliders took a close second, I just wish there had been one more slider and less french fry.

On Tastemade, you can make simple and awesome videos. So we made one…. Don’t laugh; I am so cheesy and so nervous. Here is my Tastemade clip for Chaya Venice:

To contact Tastemade:

3019 Olympic Boulevard, Stage C
Santa Monica, CA 90404

1201 West 6th Street, Suite F
Austin, TX 78703


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