‘Twas Down The Glen One Summer Morn…


I know I live in Los Angeles, and summer extends through much of the year, but something always feels closed at Labor Day. I think the beauty of going to UCLA and working on campus is also knowing the students come pouring back mid-September for Fall session. Unlike programs that start in August, us Bruins really do have school quarters that match the seasons.


Summer 2013 for me was bi-polar, in the best way possible. I have learned so much in the past few months, got to experience a lot of firsts, and had some incredible highs.


I’m 26 and want to make sure I live the life I want. I think it’s absolutely possible to have success at a young age, and I intend to show people how doable it is. I take much inspiration from great people in my life, the number one being my mother. She has her hands in all the cookie jars and let me tell you, does it to perfection. In her 60s, her life is sometimes more exciting than mine. And on top of it all, she has insurmountable love from those people that know her. No joke; see her in a room of strangers, she leaves with new friends. See her in a room of friends, and you can just watch the admiration.


Be prepared. Part of my coming journey is to take this brand to a whole new level. I don’t pretend to be the best at everything, but I hope my love for food comes through. The website will be undergoing a major change in the coming months, so I thank you in advance for your patience.


Thank you for being loyal. Thank you for being you. And whomever you are that read this, you really make a difference in my life.

If you wish to contact me, there are a few ways to do that:
EMAIL                                 thingsimakeinmykitchen@gmail.com
TWITTER                            @things_i_make
FACEBOOK                       ThingsIMakeInMyKitchen

People that know me know I am always willing to help, give advice, and guide. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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