Feel Good Lemon Mint Tea


Today is the first day of summer, and I have a cold thirst quencher that will have you feeling refreshed and vibrant all summer long. Mint tea is one of my favorite teas. But this tea’s lemon kick makes it a great detoxifier.

2 lemons
1 lime
1 bunch mint
lemon zest from one lemon
2 tbs honey

To start, grab yourself a pretty pitcher. Remember, make everything beautiful. Get your kettle on to boil some water. You want about 5-6 cups of boiling hot water.


Chop up your bunch of mint into about half leaf size pieces. Place in your pitcher.

Grate one lemon’s worth of the lemon rind to get a handful of lemon zest. The oils in the rind of the lemon contain health benefits you would otherwise miss out on if you didn’t include it. These include weight loss, keeping the skin looking less oily, neutralizing free radicals, and aiding in bone health. The oils have also been known to decrease cholesterol levels, help fight cancer, and build stronger immunity and digestion.

Juice the two lemons and a lime. Set aside.


Pour the hot water into the pitcher with the mint leaves and let it steep for five minutes. Stir occasionally.


Once the water has turned greenish, and the mint leaves have been steeping, add the lemon juice.


Next, add the lemon peel. Stir all together.


Lastly, add 2 tbs honey to help balance out the tart lemon. Stir together.


Let cool to room temperature before placing in the freezer or serving over ice. This drink is great for a picnic, or bring it in a bottle and drink it while lounging at the beach!


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