Double Decker Challah Bread BLT

I could never be a vegan because I could never give up cheese. I could never be a vegetarian because I could never give up bacon. It’s the simple truth, and one that I am totally oh k with.

BLTs are my favorite sandwich.


One of my favorite questions to ask on a first date is “if you were on death row, what would be your last meal?” For the foodie that I am, that answer is extremely important and tells me a lot about who I am spending my time with. For me, I would have the most perfect BLT with a superb glass of iced tea, a ripe peach, some rich chocolate ice cream, and a block of extremely good French cheese. When it comes down to it, I am really simple to understand.

I love to reinvent the BLT. I have done it before on this website: Turkey Bacon BLT with Mission Figs and Heirloom Tomato

My sister understands the importance of food as much as I do, and on our trip home from Yogurtland this week, we both had an insatiable craving for bacon. Uncanny right? Deciding upon what to make for dinner that night we both went for it: a BLT. But not just any BLT, something truly amazing.

8 pieces of bacon
4 baby heirloom tomatoes (or one large one), sliced
1/8 white onion, diced
2 tbs mayonnaise
1 tbs favorite sweet compote (I used my Spicy Sweet Onion Compote)
2 slices sharp white cheddar cheese
6 slices Challah bread
1/4 a head iceberg lettuce
(makes two sandwiches)

The idea here is to add a kick of something unexpected, which is conveyed in the Spicy Sweet compote and the Challah bread (if you don’t have Challah, you can use Hawaiian or a sweeter Brioche).


When you have your hands full, making the perfect bacon is easy. Just place a cooling rack or two on a cookie sheet, and turn the oven to 400 degrees. Place the bacon on the cooling racks. For the size of the bread I had, I cut each bacon slice into halves. It fit better that way.


In about ten minutes, you have perfectly cooked bacon. The fat has dripped to the cookie pan and is easy to clean.


Once the bacon is cooked, place the Challah into a toaster oven to get slightly crispy. Take the cheese and cut each square slice into two rectangles. Per sandwich, you have three pieces of bread. Place one rectangle of cheese on four slices of bread and get it melting. 2 slices should be without the cheese.


To make the mayo spread, add the 2 tbs mayo, the 1 tbs compote, and the diced white onion to a bowl. Mix together. Set to the side.


Slice your tomatoes if you haven’t yet. I opted for baby tomatoes as I like the variety of color. The rest of the sandwich is really all about assembly.


Place the two pieces of bread without cheese down on plates. Add about 1 tbs mayo spread to each. Arrange a layer of tomatoes.


Each BLT should have four slices of bacon total. Add two slices of bacon to each bottom layer and top with a handful of iceberg lettuce.

Take a piece of bread with melted cheese and place face down on top of lettuce. Repeat steps; mayo spread, tomatoes, bacon, lettuce, and piece of bread cheese side face down.


Stick with a skewer and enjoy. This BLT is one of the best I have had. The bread is soft, the sharp cheese adds a bight of something else, and the onion infused sweet mayo compote is just a blast of flavor. WINNER all around!


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