San Fransisco 49ers Superbowl Cake


I just had to do a quick post to share the amazing cake I made for the Superbowl. I must say it is one of my favorites.


My friend Rachel had this really cool stadium cake pan that we wanted to try out for this event. COOLEST PAN EVER! I made a raspberry cake which I thought was going to come out red once baked… and it was more purple. Ironic huh? (The Niners played the Ravens)


Really, this cake comes to life when it’s decorated. Here is what it looks like before.


Nothing special. So I decided to make homemade buttercream and add food coloring to get this cake covered in red, yellow, and white.

This is a testament to not needing fancy things to be a fancy person. I do not have piping bags and I certainly do not have piping tips. I use good old zip lock bags and cut off the tips to decorate my cakes.


For this one, I just went to town and piped on the red, yellow, and white colors in varying places.  Notice the field I cut out for the base? Super cool. I also printed little flags to place atop the cake in Niners glory.

Loved my little cake. I hope I could inspire some of you to also try something daring at home.


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