MEAT ME Blog Experience

Well… I did something a little crazy last night. I filmed myself cooking with the fabulous Sean Rice at MEAT ME Blog. And it was amazing! I have never done something like this before, and was incredibly nervous to start. But I guess if you have great people around you doing great things, you can be great yourself.

The video and blog post for what we made will be coming up soon. I made a Panna Cotta with a Habanero Pepper Bacon Candy to go on top. It was probably one of the best things I have ever thought up. The milky creamy Panna Cotta balanced out the spicy roasted Habanaero peppers, and the salty sweet bacon just topped off the flavor profile. Dare I say perfect man dessert??

Sean had a fresh caught Yellow Fin Tuna, which he developed 3 stellar dishes. The first was a simple, clean, tuna tar tar. The second was a Harry Soo BBQ rubbed tuna steak. And the third, which was a first for me, was his version of a spicy tuna roll. I have never made sushi, so this part of the night was really cool for me.

If you are a guy or meat enthusiast, and have not checked his page, you are doing yourself a disservice. It is all about MEAT MEAT MEAT and he has some crazy talent not only with food, but photography that starts to make your mouth water.

I couldn’t say this wasn’t scarey, and that I may have avoided something like this before because I thought it was going to be dumb or not professional or a bunch of other excuses. At the end of the day, overcoming that initial fear was the best decision I could have made. Sean started to joke that I all of a sudden switched a flip and went from absolutely nervous to “Hey, I’m ready. It that camera on?”.

Here is to not giving yourself excuses towards being the person you want to be. I may not reach many of you, but I hope I do inspire some. I am no one special; came from a single parent household, grew up in Los Angeles, went to college, and work a full time job. But I make my passion a priority, and you should do the same.

Get moving, get started. You have nothing to lose.

Stay tuned for the final piece. And thank you again to Sean and MEAT ME for making a little dream of mine come true.


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