Lazy Morning Breakfast Pizza

I did nothing on Saturday but veg. And let me tell you, it was the BEST decision I had made all week. Sometime we forget in the hustle and bustle of it all that we just need moments of absolute laziness to balance everything out.

Part of my plans to “do nothing” consisted of making delicious food all day. See for me, cooking is therapy. And while other rooms in my house may get untidy, my kitchen never does. It’s my sanctuary.

For Saturday morning, I was in a colorful mood. I wanted something hearty, and bold, with a little kick. My friend decided to come over for breakfast, and he can eat. I asked him what he wanted to eat, where he simply replied “pizza”. And did I give him one hell of a pizza.

4 eggs, soft scrambled
5 strips of bacon, cooked and diced
1/8 white onion, rough chopped
1 cup spinach
1/3 cup artichoke hearts, rough diced
1/4 cup roasted yellow tomatoes in olive oil, rough diced
5 ounces herb Goat Cheese
1/4 cup Parmesan cheese
5 tbs sour cream
1 tbs Tabasco
1 whole wheat pizza dough
salt and pepper, to taste

Again, for the many talents I have, pizza dough is not one of them. I will get there some day, but I just have failed too many times at making it and don’t have the patience to let it rise long enough that my pizza dough usually comes out a hard disk. Not good. BUT, if you have a knack for making a delicious dough, by all means use it. For this recipe, I enjoy the taste of the whole wheat dough as opposed to white flour dough. But either can work.

The most important thing here is to start the pizza components, and assemble everything at the end. First, cook your bacon strips until they are crispy. Save the bacon grease (which you should always do… in case you don’t) as we will add some to a pan later for the eggs.  Once the bacon is cooked and drained, rough chop it and set aside.

Start dicing up your vegetables. Rough chopping here is fine because it adds texture to the dish. I had some beautiful roasted yellow tomatoes on hand, but sun-dried tomatoes can also work.

Next, it is time to cook the eggs. Scrambled eggs work best here, and I am going to leave it up to you to scramble them the way you like. Personally, I crack my eggs in a dish, and add some half and half, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and a sprinkle of cayenne. This adds layers of flavor to the eggs, but some people prefer not to mess with them.

Add about 1 tbs butter to a pan and about 1 tbs bacon grease. Wait for the butter to melt and then add the eggs.

Soft scramble the eggs ONLY. You will be baking them some more on the pizza, and don’t want them to come out overdone and rubbery.

Once the eggs are cooked, place on a dish and set aside. At this stage, you should have your vegetables chopped, eggs done, bacon crumbled, and cheese ready to go.

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Lay out your pizza dough on a pizza stone. The base  for this pizza is simply 5 tbs sour cream mixed with 1 tbs Tabasco sauce for a kick.

Smear the sour cream onto your pizza dough. Top with the vegetables.

Next, add the bacon and the eggs. Make sure to add a little bit of pepper at this step to season the whole pizza. Do not add salt; that is what the Parmesan cheese is for.

Sprinkle on the Parmesan cheese. As a the final step, dollop on the goat cheese evenly around the pizza.

Bake in the oven for 12 minutes or until the crust becomes golden brown and the cheese turns slightly toasty colored on the tips. Slice it up and eat it with a cup of coffee or tea.

My lazy morning snuggle companion. Mom was in a good mood that day; he got a few snibbles of bacon.


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