Perch and The 4th of July

Summer is my favorite time of the year. And I am so blessed to live by the beach and have amazing friends to spend the holiday with. Yesterday was a whole day of fun, food, and football. PERFECT!

My fourth started the night before at Perch with my friend Tiffany. This gorgeous restaurant has started to delve into the night life lounge business like most places in LA. Being on a rooftop and able to gaze at a gorgeous Downtown LA skyline is something I can’t do often on the west-side.

There were a lot of interesting characters at this place, though. And when I mean interesting, I mean interesting. Like a girl who’s face was painted green and wearing a giant fuzzy orange coat. Sometimes I do not understand LA hipsters, even with the 25 years of being a native under my belt. I also witnessed a man in glittery heelless, heels. Picture that….

I rocked my glitter heels that night

Tiffany is an amazing jewelry designer. In fact, she has an upcoming job interview with Tiffany and Co. and David Yurman. Can we say amazing? If you want to see her work, here is her portfolio:

The weekend continued at the beach for a BBQ and wonderful day celebrating this great U.S. of A. There was so much food, so many people, and lots of sun! Perfection.

Some people party harder than others…

This 4th felt like college all over again, and I loved it. Lot’s of games, kind of this chaotic free for all of fun. I really have a stellar group of friends to thank for always bringing out the best in everything. I hope all of you had just as an amazing holiday. Much love!


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