BRU Has, Krispy Kreme, and the Weekend

The beach always reminds me why I will never leave California…

My, my was my weekend full of food and exciting things to do. My mom was in town, which always means I am going to eat well. That woman can stock a fridge like no one I have ever seen. As long as you are in my mom’s house, you will never go hungry.

It started with a little bit of sad. My beautiful friend Jen is leaving sunny so-cal for her PhD at Stanford. She had a meet up for her departure this weekend at BRÜ Haus in Brentwood, which is always a Westside favorite. Along with an array of amazing beer, cocktails, and music, this pub has an amazing food selection. The place makes their own sausages and German food, which are exceptional. Here is just a list of their meats, but I suggest you check out the rest of the menu to see what else they have to offer.


I have had sausage here and it is amazing… but I come to BRÜ Haus for two things; their GIANT BAVARIAN PRETZEL with Cheese Sauce & Mustards and their SWEET POTATO TATER TOTS with Jalapeno Aoili. These two items are incredible. After a few drinks, we all got a giant soft pretzel and devoured it in a manner of minutes. I was really contemplating also getting the tots… but I didn’t want to look like a fatty in front of Jen’s guests. Honestly, why all Tater Tots are not made of sweet potato I will never know.

Saturday during the day, I headed to West Covina with my Graduate School class to hear a presentation on the new NFL Stadium being built in the Inland Empire, and also check out the Big League Dreams facility.

That’s when I saw it. Krispy Kreme… DRIVE THROUGH! The only KK drive through I know about it on the way to San Diego by Newport Beach. But right off the 60E to the City of Industry, there it sat in its delicious glory.

My classmate Federico is from Italy and has NEVER had Krispy Kreme. I took him to this fine American establishment and made him get the classic, a plain glazed donut. 10 seconds upon sitting down to eat this treat, the donut was gone. And he loved it. His American cuisine journey didn’t stop there. After class, starving and searching for lunch somewhere in the area I spotted a place I hadn’t been to in years, and I know Federico has never seen. Souplantation.

You have to be careful what you get here. Some of it is great, some of it sticks together like glue. But what you can’t beat is the huge salad bar that includes everything you could imagine. Surprisingly, Souplantation makes a great pre-made Cesar salad; lots of lemon, lots of garlic. They also have great soups. The pastas are not something I would always recommend. But again, its all you can eat for a 9 dollar price tag. Fed and I feasted, having a little bit of everything and leaving with a soft serve cone. I apologize in advance to his boyfriend Jason for the possible pounds Federico will be putting on soon.

It got chilly near the end of the day with the wind

Sunday day was spent at the beach. Main Street Santa Monica had their annual Summer Solstice festival, which included live music all night, food vendors, and a farmers market. One of my favorite things about living in So Cal is the fresh produce and the farmers markets. You find the most amazing fruits and veggies. But intermixed are usually bread companies, cheese, yogurt, ethnic foods, and vendors selling fresh goodies. It really is the perfect was to spend a Sunday.

The people watching is always great, but the food is even better. My mom and I always have to get one thing when we head to a major FM… Lula’s Tamales. The Green corn tamale with a pablano pepper is incredible. A little sweet, soft, tons of flavor. I always look out for a good lemonade too. Nothing can beat lemonade when you are strolling around on a sunny day.

Apparently we all got the hat memo

The day was glorious and ended in a lazy night in, feasting on cheese, meats, fruits, and everything else we collected on that morning’s shopping spree. Sunday’s should truly be a day of rest, and that is exactly what mamma and I did.

I hope you all had just as glorious of a weekend. The festival was also FULL of dogs (I wish I had brought my little man) but I took a photo of my favorite… a bulldog with a ginormous underbite!

Talk about a face you will never forget…

…like this one ; )

Brody mid lick and yawn


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