NBA Finals Game #5 At the Blue Dog

I know I talk about the Blue Dog Beer Tavern often, but I need to do it again.

So… who doesn’t love a good beer tasting menu with food? We all do. Don’t kid yourself. Recently, The Blue Dog has been doing pairing menus as specials on certain nights, and they are insane. Last night, I went to watch the Heat, unfortunately win the NBA Championship, with some friends at The Dog. We all got a mix of food, but did one order of the pairing to see what it was all about. Here is it…

The Blue Dog featured the beers from the Oldest Brewery in the world- Weihenstephaner.  A word from Paul Scrivano, owner:

This German Brewer has been perfecting its craft since 1040 A.D. and all the characteristics of a grand pedigree are evident- complexity, flavor, mouth feel, perfect effervescence, and smooth finish.  After visiting the brewery and experiencing the devotion they hold, it is easy to see why they have endured so long and continue to produce such a superior lineup of beers.

The Menu
Appetizer: Chicken and Sundried Tomato Sausage with mixed Cheeses, Crostini and fresh fruit paired with the Classic Weihenstephaner Hefe-Weis.
Main Course: A Wild Mushroom Burger with Arugula, Shaved Romano and Tapenade paired with the Dark, Bold Korbinian.
Dessert: Warm, Homemade Apple Streudel a la mode with the light, slightly sweet, slightly spicy Kristall Weissbier.

The sausage was one of the BEST items of meat I have ever eaten. It was so juicy, broiled, flavorful… just drool worthy. Pairing it with perfect toast, fruit, double creme brie, AND smoked Gouda… I died and went to heaven. I almost wanted that whole plate to myself for dinner. (Sidenote: If I could eat a cheese plate for dinner every night for the rest of my life, I would. Honestly.)

Not my Burger, but a picture of the Popper Burger

Now, I was so hungry… I forgot to take a photo of the burger! I KNOW!!! But, it was smothered in mushrooms and the cheese was a great salty compliment. The meat is always cooked perfectly, so no complaints there. Chef Luke really knows his stuff.

The beer? Delicious! The Korbinian was my favorite. It is the perfect beer for a non dark beer lover who wants to try a dark beer. The beer is a little sweet and has lots of caramel notes. It’s not like drinking a loaf of bread, like it is when having a Guinness. It also went fabulously with the burger’s saltiness.

Now… I know Apple Strudel was involved. BUT… when I come to the Blue Dog I have to get a giant ice cream sandwich. I mean, look at that thing!!! Warm cookies. Melty ice cream. Chocolate syrup. Your inner kid will smile when eating this.

Once again, The Blue Dog Beer Tavern stole my heart. Wedding invitations will be sent out soon ; )


2 thoughts on “NBA Finals Game #5 At the Blue Dog

  1. paul scrivano says:

    The Blue Dog lights up every time Arielle walks in. Thanks for the kind words and it was great having you for dinner last night! We are considering putting the Wild Mushroom Burger on the perm menu. It was very well received. Thanks again and thingsimakeinmykitchen rocks!

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