Copa D’Oro

Photo from website

There is this great bar in Santa Monica that I went to this past weekend called Copa d’Oro. I love places that get creative, and the drink menu at this place was amazing. So inventive and delicious. They also have a fabulous Happy Hour menu, which features a later time, starting at 5:30 and ending at 8, that gives us business people a chance to get out of work and make it to a great dinner without feeling pressed for time.

All Night Monday & 5:30-8pm Tuesday-Saturday


Cassy, Danielle, Maret, Me, and Alyse celebrating Danielle graduating Nursing School.


I went later at night with my friends, and did not try any of the food. The cocktails though… delicious. There was about 15 of us, so I got to taste many of their special drinks. The bar also has another extensive food menu, which looks delicious. I plan on going back to try some dinner and tell you what it’s all about.


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