Kalamata Olive Goat Cheese Quesadillas with Dry Aged Salami

Yum. I love a good quesadilla. I served mine I ate last night with a simple cherry tomato salad. It was perfect.

Flour tortillas are universal and can be used with flavors outside of something spicy and Mexican. Which is why, when I was craving something crispy and buttery last night, I went with making a standard quesadilla. Remember the Green Chili Enchiladas I made? Well I luckily had leftover tortillas and got to inventing!

Yesterday’s meal was something you could easily make and place out as appetizers. All your friends will think you are so fancy. For me, I made 2 servings, so I was able to take the second one to lunch today. The men in my office are always jealous of what I am eating… I wonder why ; )

4 Fajita Size Flour Tortillas
4 ounces Sharp White Cheddar Cheese
3 ounces Kalamata Olive Goat Cheese
*Trader Joe’s has this. If you are without, mix 3 ounces goat cheese with 6 finely chopped Kalamata Olives
8 slices dry aged salami
2 shallots
1/2-1 cup spinach
2 tbs butter

To start, finely chop your shallots and set them aside. Lay two tortillas down and smear 1.5 ounces of the goat cheese on top of each. Next, evenly disperse the shallots between the two tortillas.

Next, lay 4 slices of salami per tortilla on top of the shallots.

Add the spinach next. Place 2 ounces of sliced cheddar (shredded is fine too) as the top layer of the quesadilla.

Add the tops to the quesadillas. Heat your skillet, to about medium low, and once it is hot, add 1 tbs of butter per quesadilla. Place the tortilla, cheddar side down, in the pan.

Once the side is browned up, carefully flip your quesadilla. The cheese should start to get melty. If it’s not, my trick it to place a bowl over the quesadilla, or a lid on the pan for a few seconds to trap the heat and help melt the cheese. When it is done, take the quesadilla out and let it rest a second before cutting it. Enjoy!

Mom, if you are going to give me a bath, at least give me a bit of quesadilla!!


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