Dodger Games Are For Dodger Dogs

Give me an invitation to a sporting event, and I am there (well, unless its a USC Trojan event…. and then I am there in Bruin Blue!). Give me an invitation to a Dodger game, and I am there with a wad of cash ready to buy Dodger Dogs and the other concessions that make game days so enjoyable.

Honestly, why does a hot dog and this American past time just go SO well together?

Dodger Dogs ($5, $6 for a Jumbo) are the perfect blend of hot dog. I have had other all beef hot dogs and just felt overwhelmed. These are juicy, and easy to eat. The salt ratio is also on point; the last thing you want is to feel overloaded with an intense salt flavor. My hot dog preference? Ketchup, onions, and a little bit of yellow mustard. There is also relish, mayo, and sauerkraut available for the dogs. Or for an extra dollar each you can get nacho cheese and jalapenos. The vessel for this meaty pup? A perfect hot dog bun. The bun is always soft, yet firm enough to handle the juicy hot dog smothered in condiments. I am getting hungry again just typing this…

Next to my hot dog, garlic fries. And not just any garlic fries, garlic fries from Gordon Biersch ($7). This brewery kills it in the fry department. Honestly, some of the best garlic fries I have ever had. Hot, crispy, plump fries smothered in this garlicky compote. And the serving size is more than enough to share with someone. It was the perfect accompaniment to my Dodger Dog and my beer. Andrew even got adventurous and topped his dog with some fries. I thought it was a dashing idea.

Andrew hogging all the popcorn

The last thing on the menu, something sweet… something addicting… Popcornopolis ($6). If you have never had this concession popcorn, you are missing out! It is unbelievable. The popcorn consists of fat full pieces of popcorn, no scraps and no extra kernels. Plus it has no trans fats and is gluten free, which makes everyone a happy camper. The Zebra popcorn, which is caramel corn covered in white and dark chocolate (ya… soak that in…. it’s oh k if you drool a little) is my favorite flavor. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any at this game, so we got the normal caramel popcorn. Which is equally as delicious. The caramel is the perfect blend of sweet with a hint of salty. Its rich, so I recommend sharing with someone.

I definitely tapped into my inner fat kid last night. And she was so happy.

What is better than good friends, good food, and a win for your Home-team! Nothing. Even if you don’t understand the game, or aren’t into sports, go for the ambiance. I am positive you will turn into a covert fan.

Reppin’ My Dodger Blue

For a Recap of the game, here is the summary from the Dodgers Website:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 2 6 1
0 0 0 1 0 0 0 4 x 5 6 2

“One pitch after a two-out tying hit from Andre Ethier, who signed a five-year deal earlier in the day, Juan Rivera delivered a decisive three-run blast in the eighth off Jerome Wiliams to down his former team, ending the Angels’ 10-game road winning streak.”


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