Foody Weekends and Life Updates

One of my favorite things to do is is have dinner parties… and that is no exception when it comes to my weekend free time. This past Easter weekend was hard for me as it was the first time I spent it without my mother. She had to work and couldn’t join me in our normal Easter festivities. But the weekend was full of other wonderful things including an exceptional dinner party with one of my amazing friends and a delicious brunch with my mom on Saturday.

My friend Victoria is one of those people you want to emulate in a lot of ways. Not afraid to be herself, a master interior decorator, and a knack for being a food wiz in the kitchen, she always lends some inspiration. I want some of her pretty; everything in her house just looks so well put together. She had table settings I envied and always notices the little details.

The night’s menu included all sorts of guilty treats.
1 )Mini Cherry Chocolate and Fig Marmalade Pies
2) Citrus Ginger Spiked Tea
3) Martha Stewart’s Macaroni and Cheese

Can you say yum??

My little dog Brody got quite a playdate with Vic’s 3 pups that night. Its great to be able to take my furry friend with me when I go places. The next morning my mom and I went to brunch at a place on Melrose called Blu Jam that was exceptional. There one menu item I would tell anyone to go and get would be their Crunchy French Toast. No ordinary French Toast, this one was coated in crunchy corn flakes before it was pan fried and served with a vanilla cream. I died and went to heaven.

All in all, the Easter weekend was so lovely. I hope all of you also had a great time with your families. Here are so more photos of the food we made and the treats I got to eat.


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