Clippers vs Kings Game with LT22

Saturday embarked one of many excursions the class of LT22 will take together. Thanks to the lovely Todd, who acquired Clippers tickets for our class, 18 of us went to the Clippers vs Kings game. The Clippers won and all of us got to get to know each other a little bit better.

Before the game, most of us met up at Yardhouse to enjoy some delicious food and beer. Always a hot spot in Los Angeles, LA Live was teeming with Clippers fans that day. Unfortunately for the rest of my classmates, Andrew and I had a different agenda…

Although we are all for team spirit, Andrew and I had to band together and root for our Bruin boy on the Kings. Little did we know, he would hear our cheering from the top row and play the last few minutes of the game. Go Tyler!! #freetyler

The night ended with an adventure to Lucky Strike for a little bit of dancing and banding together. Mark busted out his world famous dance moves as everyone watching in pure elation. If any of you haven’t seen this man shake his groove thing yet, it is a must!

Hopefully, this is just the start to some fabulous times with each other. Go Beach!


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