Becca Lynn’s Bridal Shower

Doesn’t Becca make the prettiest bride?

This Saturday was an exciting day for me; I had my final presentation in class, you know that arcade game I was building that I talked about, and one of the most special people in my life had her Bridal shower. Rebecca Lynn Austin, soon to be part of the Stumpf clan when she marries my dear besties brother, Matthew.

I have only been to one bridal shower before, and it was of someone I didn’t really know. The shower was beautiful, but for me, wasn’t the same as I wasn’t as close to the bride. Rebecca though, has become part of my LA family and I love her dearly. I have talked about my Stumpf Sundays, where I essentially blend myself into their family activities, partly leading to my jam/jelly and True Blood addiction. Well, Becca lives with the Stumpfs until her and Matthew buy a house, so I get to spend every Saturday with her as well : )

Katie, my lovely friend, put on the most amazing bridal shower. Everything was beautiful; from the food presentation, to the tables, to the accents all over the house, she really outdid herself. And the event was perfectly organized, with these super fun games, and delicious food. PLUS… the gift for coming was homemade strawberry and jalapeno jam that Katie’s aunt made. She dubbed it “Hot-Lanta”; Becca is from Atlanta, GA and her and Matt’s favorite flavors are strawberry and jalapeno. It was such a thoughtful cute idea, and it tasted delicious! I plan on serving my jam at my birthday party event coming up on April 28th.

The color scheme was Tiffany blue, white and coral. I have to be honest; upon thinking of this color combo I was unsure of how it would turn out. But upon seeing everything put together, beautiful. The colors in the room were just so nice.

Kudos to Katie and Congratulations to Becca Lynn. I had such a wonderful time and I can’t wait for the wedding.


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