Green Spinach Smoothie

Yes… I am pureeing vegetables. And drinking them. And I LOVE IT!

I have to admit, I am stealing this recipe from my dad. He started a whole bunch of smoothies and other health conscious items for the yoga-pant-wearing-but-I-never-work out- moms in Los Angeles for his cafe. I’ve mentioned it before, but I am going to hawk it again. Its called Cafe Midi and its so good. The green smoothie he makes though, is phenominal. I make it and drink it at least 2 times a week. And when you aren’t feeling quiet yourself, this is what you need to drink.

1 cup ice
1 banana
1 1/2 cups spinach (baby spinach works best)
1 cup lemonade (not from concentrate)

This recipe is simple… throw it all in the blender. Well sort of. Place a whole banana into the bottom of your blender.

Next, throw in the ice.

Add the spinach on top of the ice and banana. It looks like a lot, but trust me its not overwhelming.

Lastly, pour over the lemonade.

Turn the blender on medium and get the ice moving. Once the ice is ground up a bit, shake the blender to start bringing everything else down towards the blade. Blend until everything is incorporated and you see a smooth stream of liquid repeatedly flowing in and out of the blades and through the blender. This should be creamy.

Make one of these, and go on a hike. You will feel exhilarated. Spring is upon us, summer is coming up, and I am sure you work hard enough. Treat yourself, and treat your body. I understand you might be skeptical since spinach is a key factor to this drink. But don’t be. The lemonade and the banana completely balance it out. Happy body, Happy mind, Happy life :)

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Little punk got tired. Don’t worry, he’s a 10 pound weight :)

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