New year, new me. Bring it on 2012

Sophie, Me, Katie. Big Sur Jan 3rd 2012

I have been blog post slacking….

Don’t hate me. I will post something delicious soon. I got a fabulous Kitchen Aid Professional Stand Mixer for Christmas and attempted to make garlic rosemary bread over break. It was good, but not post worthy. I think I killed half the yeast, because… I would. I’m that girl who can’t even keep house plants because they all die. Trial 2 coming up.

The end of this year has been ridden with CRAZY life changes for me. For one, I start grad school in about a month (!!!!) which was made official by my class signup yesterday. Hooray! I am also starting a new chapter in my life with myself, taking a bit more time to focus on me, after my break up this November. Its different coming home to an apartment all to yourself, but refreshing :)

This Christmas time was spent with family and friends. Katie and I attended a “ugly sweater” dinner at Henry’s Hat with my favorite neighbors Kerry and Scott, where you got 50% off your dinner if you said “I am here for the ugly sweater party”. I mean, if I haven’t said it enough, I love this place. They really connect with my inner… inner child :) We played a few rounds of Jenga, and then ended the dinner with an intense game of battleship, where Scott apparently has a degree. And btw, please look at the sneaky couple and their menu/bag fortress. Love it. My mom also came to spend the holidays, and it was so nice to have her around. She is the most festive person I know, and defines Christmas cheer. I am sure all of your holidays were about the same. Lastly, UCLA Bruins played well this Christmas season, making it a wonderful holiday gift to me.

Loretta, Me, Casey, and Sophie at the UCLA vs UCI game

The UCLA football team played in the Fight Hunger Bowl and unfortunately lost on the last day of the year. But, they played excellent. And I just have to give a shout out to my friends on the team who are training soon and heading to the next chapter in their lives. Congrats :)

Katie, Me, Trisha, Andy- Dirty Nelly’s Pub NYE 2011

New Years was spent in San Francisco instead of the previously anticipated Las Vegas, and I couldn’t have asked for a better mini vacation. You know when you have a perfect vacation, but then you get home and you have, a parking ticket? Um… NO parking ticket! We even saw an urban graffiti love story written on the walls of people’s houses on the last night. Great new years, great SF exploring, great food, great vintage shopping, and we ended the trip driving home down the 101 and 1, by Big Sur, Moro Bay, and just some of the most gorgeous places you will ever see. I honestly stared out the window with my mouth open for hours because it was a sunny, hot, clear day of beautiful magical landscape.

Panoramic. Big Sur. Jan 3, 2012
Sophie and Katie overlooking the view
New year, new me. Bring it on 2012

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