Graffiti Love Story- San Francisco

View of the city upon crossing the bridge

San Francisco was never one of my favorite cities. But, its growing on me. A lot! Especially after my last two visits; Outside Lands and New Years.

What I have come to love about SF, apart from some of the best food I have ever eaten (thank you Curry Village!!), is the spontaneous fabulousness you just come across. Its everywhere. I was fortunate on my last night to come across a spectacular love story written in graffiti. It started close to my friend’s house on 14th and Judah, and just continued for blocks; blocks of black tag on the faces of people’s houses. The best part about this, we found Jessica’s home and talked to her dad. Needless to say he was not pleased, but I want to thank him for ending my vacation like a fairytale.

PS: All these photos were taken by me with my camera. If you plan on using them, please credit me.

Jessica, or Rave, if you ever read this blog post, I want to hear your story.


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