Rich, Creamy Hot Chocolate

You know what I hate? Hot Chocolate packets…. Yuck. I mean honestly, who wants powdered fake chocolate and water to drink anyways.

If you are a packet person, let me save you. I give you the richest, most perfect, hot chocolate in the world. 4 simple ingredients, thick, delicious, and a perfect vessel for mini marshmallows.

The recipe below was made for my Christmas party, so it is done in a large batch. It is how my mom used to make it, with a little twist. If it is just you and the family, using some math you can cut this recipe down :)

2 cups heavy cream
3 cups 2% milk
8 heaping tbs dutch cocoa powder
1 cup granulated sugar
Mini Marshmallows, optional

This cocoa is simple, thick, and creamy… but also customizable! If you want a thinner cocoa, I say try 5 cups of whole milk instead. Also, if you want a richer chocolate flavor, add more cocoa. Not as much of a chocolate fan? Put a little less. Or how about wanting to spice things up?… add some cinnamon for a Mexican Hot Cocoa. This would be great to do with leftovers from the above recipe.

Start by heating a medium pot on low. Pour in the cream and milk. Heat for 3 minutes. You never want the temperature too high or you will burn the milk. Next, add the cocoa powder. Whisk the mixture a bit to start incorporating the chocolate.

Add the granulated sugar. Whisk the mixture together till there is no sugar or dry powder left on top of the milk mixture.

Simmer together on low. This is the time for you to taste the Cocoa. Do you want it more chocolaty? A little thinner? This would also be when you add cinnamon for a Mexican Hot Cocoa. Whisk the mixture together occasionally. You want to get it a little frothy and airy.

Pour into festive mugs. If you like, add a few mini marshmallows. Enjoy :)

I think she likes it!
Shira taking a sip…



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