Sol y Luna

Sol Y Luna 
 19601 Ventura Blvd
Tarzana, CA 91336
I mentioned in my review on Mexicali that Ventura Boulevard has a bevy of places to eat that I have not yet discovered, and yet really want to. One of these places was Sol y Luna, which I have driven past many times, but not eaten at, stating each time “I want to go there!!!” 
Well I did on Friday. And it was so good they now probably have one of my favorite Mexican dishes of all time, the Macha plate. But I will get to that in a second.

Upon arriving, the place was packed. I mean filled to the brim. Good sign. My friend and I put our names down for a table and decided to get a margarita at the bar while we waited to be seated. The margarita was strong, but so good. The bartenders make it a lovely experience while you wait, and the atmosphere is incredibly lively. And then we saw it… tableside Guacamole. There is a guy who pushes around a cart of fresh lime juice, diced jalapenos, garlic, onions, cilantro, and tomatoes. His bottom shelf is full of fresh ripe avocados, and upon ordering the guacamole, he goes to work making your creation. The best part about having this tableside guacamole is that it is completely customizable. It may be apparent at this point that along with my addiction to cheese, I am addicted to onions. Once we had been seated and could order, Guacamole was the first thing I asked for. After the Guacamole man asked me “how spicy” I asked him for some extra onions. He winked at me to acknowledge an “I got this little lady” and proceeded to make the one of the absolute best Guacamoles I have ever had. It was so fresh and vibrant. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo, so I am including one from Ms. Foodie‘s page. 
Stuffing myself on guacamole, I wasn’t too hungry for dinner. But I powered through and ordered the Macha plate…. I had heard it was one of the things to get. I wasn’t disappointed. 

The Macha plate description; simply, shredded beef simmered to perfection with onions, tomato, and bell peppers. What I got was a plate filled with the most tender beef swimming in a jus I just wanted to drink. In the meat mixture were tender vegetables, along with a side of fluffy rice and pinto beans. And on top, a piece of broiled Mexican cheese… just sitting there, so gourmet and out of place with such a rustic dish, but completely necessary. Using the tortillas this meal came with, I made my own giant, juicy soft tacos. It was just incredible. I didn’t even eat half my plate and ate the rest for lunch the next day. It reheated really well, making it an overall winning dish.

My friend got the standard two taco plate, with one soft taco and one crunchy taco. This was equally as delicious. I love just going somewhere and getting simple, homey, amazing food, that puts a giant smile on my face. I tip my imaginary hat to you, Sol y Luna, for making authentic Mexican food, that is delicious without all the extra fluff. The best food comes from the heart.

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