Waffle French Toast

It’s game day… and I have to study. So I wanted to make myself something to feel better, make me feel like I wasn’t missing out on tailgating and delicious food. Like waffles or french toast… How about both!?

4 large waffles
3 eggs
2tbs whole milk
4 tbs butter
Spices (optional)

This recipe is simple. Instead of using bread for French Toast, use your favorite waffle. This time of year, Trader Joe’s has a great Pumpkin Pancake Mix. This was my weapon of choice today. But you can make any kind of waffle you prefer, like my recipe for the perfect waffle.

Make your waffle mix and make the waffles. Set them aside. Take a glass dish that is bigger than the waffle, but not too big. Crack all 3 eggs and add the milk to the glass dish. Beat the eggs with a fork.

If you are using a plain waffle, I would add some cinnamon and nutmeg for a little flavor to the egg. You can also add cocoa if you want a little chocolate smokey flavor. I didn’t add anything, as my waffles were pumpkin flavored. Next, take the waffle and put in the egg batter. Make sure to thoroughly coat both sides of the waffle.

Melt 1 tablespoon of butter in a large pan per waffle. Once the butter is melted, on medium heat, place the coated waffle in the pan. Wait 2 minutes and check the bottom of the waffle. Once it is golden brown, flip the waffle over, cooking the other side. Repeat with the other waffles, making sure to add 1 tablespoon of butter into the pan per waffle.

Smother the finished product with syrup and there you have it. Waffle French Toast…. delicious! Enjoy :)


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