The Blue Dog Beer Tavern

For all the amazing places I have written about, I can’t believe I haven’t written anything on the Blue Dog Beer Tavern. For one, its 2 blocks from my house. And for how amazing it is, I am lucky to have this within walking distance. If you are in the LA area, more specifically Sherman Oaks, this is a place you have to go to.   

Mon-Fri 1130am-11pm
Sat, Sun 11am-11pm  
Bar Address
4524 Saugus Ave
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 
Are you a beer fan? The Blue Dog Beer Tavern has an always changing Beer menu, which means a constant surprise. But don’t be scared; everything on it is good, there is always something new for you to try, and they have weekly specials. Like IPA night on Wednesdays, where limited IPA is available and anyone who enters the tavern get a raffle ticket to win a bottles of that IPA. To get an idea on what they offer, here is their current beer list: Updated: 10/20/2011
Beer Flight
The Blue Dog doesn’t just have exceptional beer, it has exceptional food. If you are into burgers, this is the place to go. Most of the meat comes with your favorite fixings ground right in; bacon, jalapenos, cheese, etc. And even with stuff inside the meat, they don’t forget about what goes on top. Just see for yourself….
Whether its fries, coleslaw, or their addicting broccoli salad you put next to that burger, you will always be happy. However, it isn’t just the burgers that make me smile. How about BIG’s Mac which has jalapenos and bacon? Or what about breakfast, where they have a French Toast that is dipped in melted vanilla ice cream (this will be returning after NFL season). And who could pass up some amazing ribs? Or something they like to call a deep fried pizza? Yes… a deep fried pizza. And when its your Birthday, you don’t get a scoop of ice cream. You get a GIANT homemade ice cream sandwich with in house fresh made cookies. What did you just say? You died and went to heaven? So did I.
Great food? CHECK! Great Beer? CHECK! Great staff? CHECK! What else do you need? Well… there is one other thing. Let’s talk about something that really sets Blue Dog apart from the rest. The Blue Dog allows you to bring you dog to eat with you. Anywhere outside and on the back patio, your furry little friend can dine while you dine. Not only, the inside of Blue Dog is littered with photos of customer’s pups, most done artfully in black and white and covering the wooden rafters. This makes coming here so easy… instead of having to leave your dog at home for a nice lunch, bring him. Or, if you are me, Brody gets to go on his walk, and I get to make a pit stop at the same time.I am sure most of your would walk your dog more often if you got to get a beer in the end. All in all a win win.
So why is this place so dog friendly? The Blue Dog isn’t just a name… in fact, its named after owner Paul Scrivano’s Blue Great Dane, Olive, who truly is the Queen Bee.
Whether you want to catch a game and have a beer, or go out on a pretty cool date, The Blue Dog Beer Tavern gives you what you need everytime. If you happen to go, tell me how you like it. You may even see me there :)
Olive says “Get to Grubbin’!”

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