Favorite Blogs: Wine Blog

I grew up drinking wine with my family, and a bottle is still at every dinner table. I am a mutt, but in essence my family comes from a European background. I actually had my first glass at 5; it was tiny and watered down.But as a tradition, every year I got older, I got a little more wine and less water.

I wouldn’t call myself a wine expert, but I definitely know a thing or two. A lot of wines that I like happen to be over my price range to enjoy them all the time. Trader Joes has a great wine selection, a lot of which are around 5.99 a bottle. I make it a mission of mine to try something new everytime I am there.

However, if you can spare about 20 bucks, try this blog. My friend Katie’s dad Steve probably spends more time on this blog, and his wine articles for the his local magazine, than he does on his actual job. The reason why I trust what he says is because of the calibur of wines I have had at their house. It usually starts with a “what do you feel like tonight?” and he picks something based on my mood, the meal, ect. And it is ALWAYS delicious. I have on 2 different occasions had the “best wine i’ve ever had” and are still searching for them.

So next time you need a wine selection, let Steve do the hard work. He tries to find wines all under 20 dollars. There are of course some higher wines, but for a good meal, 20 dollars isn’t too much. And it doesn’t hurt that he has the best sense of humor. Steve is really a life guru

You can check out his blog here at The Best of Wines. To contact Steve Stumpf, go to this link.


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