Worm Fifty Worm

This blog post is inspired by a friend of mine, Ben, who likes to get a little naughty on Halloween… as he puts it “I just want people to party!”

Halloween isn’t just for kids anymore; after you are done passing candy out to trick-or-treaters, enjoy a treat yourself… Alcoholic Gummy Candy! This can be a great alternative to those of you who like jello shots!

1. The first step is to purchase a gummy candy. The most common is Gummy Worms, but during Halloween you can find Gummy Spiders, Bats, Ghosts, etc… GET CREATIVE!!
2. Choose your alcohol. I would recommend rum, vodka, 151, or everclear. They balance out the sweet enough of the worm without being overpowering.
3. You will need the 3 lbs gummy candy, 1 handle alcohol, a large bowl, and cookie sheets. When you have all your supplies ready to go…

  • Soak a 3 lb bag of gummy candy in 1 handle of alcohol (don’t worry, the worms won’t soak up all the alcohol, but you want to make sure they get completely submerged.
  • Soak the candy for a couple hours so they swell up (2 or 3 times their size)
  • Next, take the worms and place them on a cookie sheet to dry. The outside of the worm will get dry so they are easier to serve, but the worm will stay fat with an inside full of alcohol soaked candy.
  • That’s it!! Serve them to your friends during the party for a delicious adult treat

No dessert could be complete without a catchy name. Ben’s suggestions include:
If you used Vodka: COMMIE WORMS
If you used Everclear: JUNGLE WORMS
If you used Rum: RUMMY WORMS
and my favorite… If you used 151: WORM FIFTY WORM

Enjoy!! Post some photos of your party worms :)

*Sidenote* For those of you who dare, the extra alcohol left over from the soaking process is still drinkable. The best part? It’ll taste like Gummy candy. I dare you to take a shot…


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